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Paytm stock will rise on Monday

Graph showing Paytm stock will rise on Monday

Experts predict Paytm stock will rise on Monday due to recent announcements, like the Axis Bank partnership and the RBI extending the PPB deadline. But there are worries for the long term, so be careful.

After March 15, essential services like QR payments and card machines will still work with Axis Bank.

On Friday, Paytm shares went up by 5%, ending six days of falling. People thought this might happen because of the RBI and Axis Bank news. But the stock has still dropped by 55% since the RBI said PPB had to stop by January 31.

Big investors and small traders have been buying and selling Paytm shares a lot this week. But big investors might not want to buy more soon because they’re not sure what will happen next.

Three big worries are: earnings going down, fewer new customers, and banks getting worried about their connection to Paytm.

Experts think different things:

Kranthi Bathini from WealthMills Securities Pvt. says we need to know more about Paytm’s sales, earnings, and business plans.

Independent expert Ajay Bodke says we should wait and see what happens next after the RBI’s deadline extension.

Rajesh Palviya from Axis Securities says people don’t trust Paytm right now. If the stock price goes up to Rs 400, it might be a good time to sell some shares. If it stays below Rs 350, it could drop to Rs 250.

Vinit Bolinjkar, who works at Ventura Securities, says things might look better after what happened on Friday. Even though Paytm is having problems, there’s still hope for the future.

Importance of Transparency and Communication

Analysts stress the critical role of transparency and clear communication from Paytm’s management to alleviate investor concerns. They underscore the necessity for regular updates on the company’s strategic direction and initiatives to mitigate long-term risks.

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